If you don’t like the weather…

Seems like all RVers in Florida are bitching about the rain over the past few days. How anyone can complain about the weather this winter in Florida is beyond me.

So I’ll bitch about something else. Yesterday, in general.

It started when we tried to get cranked up to run some errands. What happened was nothing. Nada. Zip. No familiar grinding sound. Nothing. So Mom and I proceeded to have an argument. I wasn’t much of an argument; we’ve never been able to muster that up very well. Let’s call it a slightly warm discussion. You see, I figure that if you’ve replaced the this, that and the other on your RV then you’re known-good, as in the devil you know, while Mom argues that Miss Lueffie’s ass is going to fall off in the middle of the road at any time. The truth is that Mom really wants a newer, spiffier Class A but she’s afraid that Miss Lueffie will pee on her again so she’s not too strident about it.

Back to the non-cranking. It’s happened every several months and it always cranks after an hour or two. No mechanic has ever found anything wrong because it doesn’t do it when I bring it to them. And I can bring it to them because it cranked up, right? So we were sitting there in the CG pissing and moaning when I had a brainstorm; I could call a MOBILE MECHANIC! (duhhh)

So Paul’s Mobile Mechanic of Land O’Lakes showed up, charged their standard $85 service call plus a _$5 part_ and we were on our way.

Next stop,  the liquor store. For some reason they only had three bottles of each of the types of rum we like. Cruzan 9, Castillo and even Captain Blowhard, three bottles each.

Went to the storage shed to find two books. When faced with eight feet of boxes Mom decided two books might not be so important.

The high point of the day was cats’n’rats. That’s a Chinese buffet that’s actually pretty good. Ichiban in Land O’Lakes across from Winter Quarters RV park and near Murphy’s Liquors.

We decided to go ahead and do the other errands since we’d be leaving in a couple of days and didn’t want to have to run errands two days in a row.  So down the road to the mailbox service we go. Whereupon we discovered another missive regarding the lawsuit we’ve been victimized by. Fun day so far.

Back to the CG where I only tried four or five times to get backed in kinda sorta where we were before. And then play with sewer hoses etc.

The saving grace of the day is that evening brought that rum we bought and my honey beside me. I vaguely recall that we watched some boring movie with some ugly guy and it was good to get this day behind us.

Did it rain? I have no idea.


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