• Civilization

    We arrived at Lake Como Family Nudist Resort and Community and whatever else last week, and we’d forgotten what a noisy place it is.

    Not that the resort is particularly noisy although the Butt Hutt is cookin’ along tonight; the entire area is really noisy.

    We’ve been at the Grove out standing in our field, then we went to Carrabelle where the wind blew, then to Ochlokonee Bay where the wind didn’t blow, then to Sopchoppy where nothing blew or even moved, then down to Keaton Beach where the water at least sloshed. And now we’re in Land O’Lakes where there are screaming growling birds of the sky going in to TPA and CSX is still doing their best to warn against crossings. And fuckwads on motorcycles are peeling out to draw as much attention as they can while riceburner tuners make ’em sorta whine.

    The sound of civilization I guess. I want my field back.


  • Christmas 2013 Dinner For Two, cooked in a small camper!

    Christmas Dinner Menu:

    Honey, Cranberry and  Pineapple Glazed Ham, Fresh Asparagus garnished with Caramelized Onion and Water Chestnuts and Parker House Rolls!



    Yes, Christmas dinner is being cooked in our little camper kitchen, for two! I was not about to spend my special dinner amongst strangers in a restaurant! I figured that since Thanksgiving dinner was a huge success, why not pull off a great feast in a camper once again.

    The trick, is to organize and prep in stages! Taking turns in that small space and it has to be organized. John will prep the ham, put it in the oven and start the timer! I then dance around him, ever so gracefully mind you, and chop the onion and start them caramelizing! Setting aside my beloved water chestnuts, olive oil, butter and cayenne to combine later!

    John will then spin around me to make the glaze for the ham. This glaze is going to be so good! It has corn syrup, honey, crushed pineapple, peach nectar, and a little grated ginger in it, and cooked slowly over  low heat to thicken!

    Meanwhile, while I edge my way back to the stove every few minutes to stir my onions and water chestnuts, John will spin around me to glaze the ham every 10 minutes or so! What a team!

    When the ham is almost done, I’ll start the Asparagus, we’ll use the caramelized onions and water chestnuts as a garnish for them later on! I learned a new trick from Alton Brown from FoodNetwork.com on how to keep fresh asparagus looking fresh and keeping that pretty greenness and still have that little snap! I put the recipe over at our cooking website, My Camper Kitchen!

    We’ll bake those famous Parker House Rolls and prepare a quick and easy desert,Strawberry Cobbler in small Ramekins!

    Christmas Dinner, Family Style... All cooked in a small camper kitchen!

    Christmas Dinner, Family Style… All cooked in a small camper kitchen!



  • Big Eye

    We had to replace our Dish Tailgater with a new Winegard thingie; the Winegard thingie will do both eastern arc and western arc, which is a tremendous advantage. But the Winegard thingie is spooky. I call it Big Eye.

    61+l94DlkkL._SL1500_  You know how you can feel when someone’s looking at you? Even from behind. It’s that kind of spooky. Every now and then, several times a day, Big Eye will just crank up, scan and aim in various directions. Not when the DVR is recording something; Big Eye follows his own schedule. And obviously tracks me and monitors my every movement.

    Where’s the tinfoil?