• The harness

    We bought our fat cat a traveling harness. A “medium dog” harness.

    We’re trying to get him used to it. When we snap it on he freezes and says “it’s got me!” ┬áThen he putters around, takes a nap, eats his catnip and takes another nap…..then wriggles out of the harness.

    I told him that if he won’t keep the harness on he’ll have to ride in a box. I don’t think he’s taking me seriously.

    He’s in for a rude awakening.

    Progress for our trip..oh, yeah, we’re planning a trip…

    I called Camping World and priced a battery; about $120 installed (and no blather about installing it myself please). That seems fairly reasonable. I expect a Wally-World Neverstart battery to cost less, ┬ábut there’s a reason everyone calls them Neverstart.

    So we’ll probably have a battery installed at Camping World, waiting most of the day among a sea of Class A types in their double-knits and patent-leather belts and shoes. Fish out of water, so to speak.

    I dread allowing DW to peruse the Camping World store for a couple of hours. That’s always a $200/hr thing. Maybe the Lazydays club will have a continental breakfast; that should be good for an hour at least.

    Accomplishments…well, I installed a square of hardware-cloth screen on the bottom of the door so aforementioned fat-butt cat can’t punch through. So I actually accomplished something today. Rot and rust will still be with me tomorrow.

  • Wired

    We just got a Virgin Mobile plugin aircard thingie; works great and no contract.

    So we’ve been talking about antennas and routers plus additional WiFi antennas etc. Took a while to realize that we won’t _care_ whether or not we’re connected every day.

    We’re slow but we eventually get there.

  • Owl sex IV

    Gads…she’s got me watching owl sex now.

    The moral of this story is if she doesn’t like it whap her in the face with a rat. Works for me.

    Tune in tommorrow if you dare.