• Made an offer on the 1993 Holiday Rambler Imperial!

    If our offer is accepted, we’ll be driving a 36 footer, not a 27 footer!  That is going to take some getting use too for sure… The inside and outside look almost perfect. Obviously the owner took very good care of it! Only has 43k miles on it. Has a built in Ice Maker next to the fridge, Convection/Microwave oven, backup cam, small bar, perfect leather seats, curtain that goes all the way around the windshield for privacy, sofa lets out into a bed,  driver and passenger seats swivel so does the one in the living room so lots of seating, carpet in top notch shape, no tears or stains anywhere!


    Front view


    Closet and TV in bedroom


    View from kitchen


    Shower with glass doors


  • Okay, now we need to replace Miss Lueffie! OMG

    OMG! Miss Lueffie after all these years is soooo  tired, she needs replaced…

    1. 1993 Holiday Rambler $26k

    2. 1999  Winnebago $39k

    Replaced who? Damn…

  • Golden shower

    So I was quite happily performing my early morning drain-the-lizard when I espied  a fast-moving grey streak to starboard. Smokey right smartly discovered that there was no toilet lid and that it was raining on him.

    He froze. He froze in the wrong place. My brain and reflexes don’t work very well in the morning before coffee so I just kept on doing what I was doing.

    He eventually dried out. For some reason no one wants to pet him.