• The Mouse House

    Mom thought it was cute that Smokey the cat was carrying around his toy mouse. Waitaminit…his mouse is brown and this one was grey…

    He put it down and was ASTOUNDED that it ran away. All hands on deck! Full speed! Charge! Back and forth, round and round, back and forth, round and round, Oreo has sense enough to stay out of the way and watch. And the mouse ESCAPED!

    They both stood watch all night; I think the mouse went out the way it came in.

    And Mom can SQUEAL LIKE A GIRL!


  • Oreo and Catnip!

    The miracle’s of Catnip!

  • Ordering Cat Food overnight express!

    Well, what do you do? Didn’t realize we were almost out of cat food! Rather than drive a 36 ft motor coach to town, we ordered from good old faithful Amazon.com, over night express! Saved once again…