• Miss Lueffie pisses in the parking lot!

    Well, Miss Lueffie took a piss in the parking lot of a grocery store, of all things! Well, at least she didn’t piss on me this time. Remember the blog post where I wrote about visiting Camping World and said, “honey, maybe we could upgrade to a newer RV?” Then all of a sudden brown water started leaking from behind the sun visor and filled me lap! That leak has been fixed and all is well in lala land. After that, I’ve had nothing but kind words about Miss Lueffie!

    Ok, I realize I have drifted from the subject at hand. Yes, you read right, Miss Lueffie took a piss in the parking lot. Actually, she past water from three different places! Holy crap! It was off to the repair guys to find out if she’s gonna need depends or something. Nope, just a new radiator, new water pump, hoses and belts galore!

    I gotta admit, Miss Lueffie is like a real person to me. You take care of your friends in time of need. And, by golly, we’ll keep her long after she turns 30, at which time she will be considered an antique! OMG! I just realized that makes me a almost a double antique….. Until next time

  • Fixin that “piss on you” leak!

    Wow, that leak sure has gotten worse! So, it’s a trip to Camping World for more goop and some other stuff. Luckily, the leak seems to be confined to the underside of the loft. You know, the area we had totally rebuilt! But, when you consider the fact that every branch that scraps the top or sides, every bump in the road or just plain wear and tear, problems will always exist when you are traveling in a motorhome 23+ years old. But, it is what it is. If I can find an excuse for a trip to Camping World, you bet I’m gonna do it! I’m like a kid in a candy store looking at all those neat things for Miss Lueffie! Until next time…

  • Wired

    We just got a Virgin Mobile plugin aircard thingie; works great and no contract.

    So we’ve been talking about antennas and routers plus additional WiFi antennas etc. Took a while to realize that we won’t _care_ whether or not we’re connected every day.

    We’re slow but we eventually get there.