• Wynnhaven Spring

    We’ve been happily ensconced at Wynnhaven RVP for almost three months following our exploits at Camp Parking Lot.

    Wynnhaven is in part a mobile home park, but it’s slowly being transitioned to an RV park by attrition. Attrition means exactly what you think it does.

    It’s a great place! Except for the road noise. I can’t imagine how many people have to get across CR-48 to somewhere, but they’re gettin’. Interstate 10 is quieter. I-40 is quieter. It’s not trucks; its all tuned rice-burners, coal-haulers and motorsickles. All designed to be loud.

    After a little while it becomes the sound of the surf, as if at the beach. It just all blends into background white noise. But we like heavy locomotives, so what do we know?

    The rains started a few days ago. A tropical whizzer, they said. Fawty Days an Fawty Nights, I said. It’s still raining all over the world and I ain’t even in Georgia.

    We have a brand new tree frog on the closest oak outside the window. He’s very loudly making his presence known. It’s said that the whole point is to get laid and after several days of croaking  “Hey Ladies” he went quiet today.

    I guess he got lucky but I miss him.

  • Beautiful Sunset at East Bank CG, Lake Seminole, FL

    From lot 14!


  • Big Hart COE, Thomson, Ga.