• Watsadler Campground, Ga.

    I can’t believe we left off Watsadler Campground, was in to big of a rush! Anyway, we’re headed Southwest to Alabama! See you there…. Should be arriving tomorrow night as we are driving straight through!

    Watsadler Campground

    286 WATSADLER ROAD, HARTWELL GA 30643 Information:(888)893-0678

    Almost all of the lots have a lake view, this one was a pull through!

  • Georgia Guidestones, Elberton, Ga.

    Georgia Guidestones & Miss Lueffie! Just passing through!

     We loved stopping in to see the Georgia Guide Stones! We’re headed Southwest to Alabama, these stones may have been out of our way,  but it was so worth it! We’ll be offline for awhile other than an occasional post from time to time…

  • Mr. Tigger is a strange fellow!

    These photo’s can be a lot of fun! Write your own story of what is going on here…

    Mr. Tigger sees something!

    and then…


    Mr. Tigger contemplates... If he can't see it, it can't see him!