• Did I tell ya I hate Copperheads?

    Yesterday was crazy! We’ve sold all of the stuff we collected the last two years at the CG we are at. Table and 6 Chairs, Gas Grill, Bullet Smoker, Two 20 lbs Propane tanks, Golf Cart, etc. etc. etc.

    Cleared the deck and cleared the shed, except for one occupant! A 2 ft Copperhead all curled up in the corner as I swept debris out of the shed!

    So, I flip my broom handle downward and gave that M@th*r F@ck&r about a dozen whacks! When I was convinced he was stunned, I ran out and yelled for jbh! Did you hear my scream? Nope, says he heard a quack! Say what? Probably!

    No sooner than I realized I was face to face with a copperhead, I knew if I ran and screamed, I’d have to deal with this thing later and I was not about too! Did I tell ya I hate snakes?

    Once jbh came on the scene, he found a metal pole and began to whack some more! Eventually, the snake was dead!

    So, do I walk back inside that shed unarmed? Nope! I got my broom!