• I love holiday weekends

    On  a normal weekend in the field…er…”Mountain Laurel” here at the Grove there’s only us and two other campers. Peaceful, quiet, and you can hear the brook babble.

    Memorial Day weekend 2014; all 15 spots are filled. Tenters are trying to plug into 50A outlets and RVers are trying to plug into 15A outlets. We have tiny tents in FHU RV sites and a Class C halfway up the hillside. Across the creek is a zoo; it’s a full house.

    It’s great to see the Grove come back.

    The power situation is interesting. I’m not sure who’s plugged into who but it’s probably incestuous. We finally gave up on running the AC and convection oven on shore power and fired up the generator. It’s nice to not worry about burning up those motors.

    Two more holiday weekends to go this summer…

  • Mr. T

    A couple of days ago we put an old fart out to pasture.

    Not really, but it feels that way.

    As some of you may know, we’ve had one old-fart fat cat and two little ones, and never the twain shall meet safely. Lisa, who will henceforth be known as Auntie Lisa (if not Saint Lisa) said she’d love to have Mister Tigger come live with her. She really is a saint; Mr.  T couldn’t live comfortably and we were concerned that he’d seriously injure one of the vermin.

    So Mr. T went home with Auntie Lisa Sunday. We’ve heard reports that he hid under the bed, ate every thing in sight and filled up the litter box and most recently occupied the bed. We can only pray that she doesn’t want to bring him back.

    I feel that I have abandoned my crew, and no “it’s better for him” can remove that feeling. I know it”s better for hm but the fact remains that I have abandoned my crew.