• Myers Landing

    Duck Hunters – Myers Landing, La.- BOOM! BOOM BANG BANG BOOM! WHAMALANGABANGBANG! It’s duck season! I gather the plan is that you blow ’em out of the sky when they’re landing for the night. Sorta like what you did at that singles bar last night. I’ve seen a lot of pickups, a lot of guys in camo drawers and precious few ducks. In fact I personally haven’t yet seen a duck that doesn’t have a “Made in China” stamp. Tonights’s forecast is for 30 kts+ and nicely cold. But the knights continue jousting.

  • Myers Landing CG, Lowry, Lake Arthur, La.

    Myers Landing, Lowry, La. – There’s zydeco to the right of me, zydeco to the left of me, big diesels in front and little diesels out back. We have found Cajun country. Actually we’re as south in Cajun country as we can go without a pirogue. Or an oil barge.

    Myers landing is simply a boat ramp, store and campground…until the weekend. Mom just went out to meet the neighbors and reports that the guy next door said “We got a Florida cracker here!”

    The big diesels are the tows going down the Mermentau River; the little diesels are the myriad pickup trucks that belong to the duck hunters and river shrimpers.

    The campground, amorphous as it may be, has absolutely filled up. People stand around fires in their camo woolies denying that they’re freezing.

    This is, friends, the heart of Cajun country. It’s not what the Travel Channel or the Food Network or Discovery says. It just is.

    169 Myers Landing Rd
    (337) 774-2338
    Email: jellybeangbm@aol.com

  • Get fed at The Shed!

    Yep, The Shed lives up to the hype.

    Home built BBQ Smoker!

    Home built BBQ Smoker!

    We both got the Jumbo Combo, which is two meats and two sides, and were glad we did. It was obvious why The Shed won several Firsts at Memphis in May and many other awards. The pork and chicken were well-cooked with the right amount of smoke, and the combo gave us enough leftovers to have two big sandwiches the next day.

    The Platters were huge!

    The Platters were huge!

    By the way, there’s a small RV park next door but it doesn’t appear to have much to recommend it.

    The Decor` lives up to its name!

    The Decor` lives up to its name!

    7501 Hwy 57
    Exit 57 off I-10 North 1,000 yards
    Ocean Springs, MS

    Hours: Sun-Thurs 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm