• Silver River State Park in Ocala, FL lot 42 Feb. 28, 2011

    Miss Lueffie sits on lot 42! The lots are very clean, level and shady.

  • Fat Cat Tigger contemplates

    Just showing off fat cats day in the RV just before hitting the road. He doesn’t look very excited here, but you never know what goes on in that cats head! He stayed very quiet today and close to the floor. Doesn’t bounce as much there as it does when he rides high! He has a harness and leash so he was down by his food bowl and potty! What more could a cat ask for?

  • BroadBand2Go works at Silver River State Park!

    Ok Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go works at Silver River State Park and that is great news! First things first, we’re settled in and running the A/C, canopy is out and the grill is all set up. Now it’s time for a drink or two or three…whatever! lol’s More post in the coming days so stay tuned!