• Coup attemt foiled!

    Drama seems to follow us around.

    We’re currently residing at MCG in north Georgia. It’s a campground with a somewhat troubled past and it all came to a head in the past couple of weeks.

    On a Thursday the well water was turned off. The story was that the health department ordered the water turned off. On Friday the management company sent out letters to all of us essentially shutting down the business and telling us we all need to leave.

    On Saturday the property owner, called horseshit.

    Saturday night several of us noticed some irregularities in the ostensibly-copied letters we’d been sent. Such as dark lines, text not lining up with text etc.

    First thing Monday morning the property owner was in front of the health department chief’s desk. When Sean saw the fraud he ground his teeth and said “that wasn’t what I wrote.”

    Turns out that one or more corporate directors had falsified a mailing from the health department to read basically “shut down” rather than “remove or change the illlegal vollleyball pool.” And the dumb fucks had literally cut and pasted, badly.

    Why did they do this? Some speculate that they intended to buy the property at fire-sale prices but the fact is that the owner has no need to sell at any price. That he’s disgusted is a given, but he’d literally give the property to a co-op before he’d lose it.

    So we’re in a place we’ve tried to avoid, we don’t do drama. And drama has followed us down here from the failed campground in Tennessee. But we’ll stand with the owner and fight.