• OMG, there’s BBQ next door!

    Bumper to Bumper! Miss Lueffie gets up close and personal...

    Miss Lueffie meets the big boys!

    Awesome!…. more l8rz

  • Interesting night

    The weather prophet had mentioned something about “blustery northwest wind” but I didn’t pay any attention because we’re 60+ miles from the coast and there was no lake wind advisory or high wind advisory. So of course we were awakened to the awning flapping at around zero-dark-thirty.

    It didn’t sound bad so we went back to sleep.

    Then just around dawn things got real busy; suddenly the awning was flapping so hard it was shaking the MH. We bailed out to roll it up in around 30kts of wind at 40F. We got the awning rolled up and dived back under the covers.

    About an hour later Mr. Tigger went bananas and started bellowing. He doesn’t usually do that so we figured he was just a little freaked by the wind; we expected him to shut up sometime, which he eventually did. Turns out Mom had covered up the door of his litter box and he was literally locked out of the outhouse.

    No telling what’ll happen tonight. We’re forcast for 26F. I’m so glad I’m in Florida where it’s warm and all is calm and peaceful.