Miss Lueffie isn’t pissing any more. With $2700 worth of radiator, water pump etc, she better put a cork in it. Last time into town the temp was “normal.” Probably the first time a guage told me I was “normal” but it was good to see.

This weekend Doc called upon us for lodging, so we fired off the fridge and air conditioner and met the folks on site. I tried to show Ray how to light the water heater complete with flashbacks; somehow I think she had a cold shower but no one was complaining. He said he only cared about beer and f**cking, so I guess he was happy. Anyway, they cleaned up and even took the trash out. Nice folks, and we hope they gave Doc a good donation.

Today, Labor Day, we’re doing TS Lee and tonight we’re doing “Rainy Night in Georgia.” Mom sacked out before 10, fun gal she is.

The Good Doctor asked us to do a new website for the Grove. Well…we’re out of the business but we can whip it up in an hour or two. I hope Mom can get the gumption to stomp on some toes and do it; if I have to do it it’ll be the most half-assed thing anyone’s ever seen. Let’s hope; it’s for all the marbles. All of them.

We’re kinda thinking about bopping southward mid-December or so. If we’re freezing our asses off we’ll buster southward; the ice’ll just slide right off. But staying put is an option…

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