Dateline Toledo Bend

We finally arrived at Byrd’s Nest RVP but not without excitement.

All started out well. We rattled and bounced along Texas State Roads and a few pieces of US Highways and got to Lufkin. The roads were actually pretty good, I’d call it “light chop.”

Somewhere in Lufkin sitting at a long traffic light the toad air brake took a dump. As in no more air brake. Fortunately the Barge has a pretty good anchor and can stop this menagerie right smartly. So we tootled along with the toad brake working every now and then.

But that’s not all….

The GPS…Bitchin Betty….decided it would be shorter to route us the long way around; I knew we were off track when we got to Nacogdoches. Say that three times fast. I reprogrammed the GPS while sitting in the middle of the road and Mom got her Google Map and after a little pointed discussion we agreed that our routes agreed and we set off. We only fiddle-farted around an extra hour.

And we’re here.

It appears that the toad brake may have only wanted a squirt of WD-40. It’s working now.

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