The Bathroom People

I’m not real sure I should be writing about this. After all, it does involve weird observations over many months. And it’s about our neighbors.

Weirdos that they are.

Let me lay out the scenario. For the past year and a half we’ve had a site in the RV park that’s catty-cornered from the bathhouse. If you don’t know what catty-cornered means, renew your edumacation in southernese and understand that it means crossways. As in not directly in front of, but a bit cockeyed. Stop laughing, it’s not that funny.

A guy had a house built and he wanted a sink in every room. The contractor thought that was rather strange but he complied with the request. The new homeowner blew a gasket because the sinks were crooked.
The contractor said that he’d done what the homeowner wanted, but the homeowner bellowed “Cock-height! I said cock-height!”

And now back to our regularly-scheduled ramble.

Right. Bathroom people.

Since we’re (DON’T SAY IT) across from the showerhouse/bathroom we can’t help but observe the comings and goings. No, I didn’t actually make that pun. But seriously, we’ve observed the same parade of people day after day. The Bathroom People!

Through the coldest winter in years, through the rainiest spring in years including floods, through rain and tornadoes, through a not-so-cold winter and now through floods that ripped through the park, the county and through the Brazos valley. The Bathroom People! They should deliver the mail!

I confess that I simply don’t get it. These people truck over to the bathroom from the far side of the CG by golf cart, foot and even car through any kind of weather to use the CG bathroom. Tornado warning, sure.
Torrential rain, sure. Sleet, sure. Flash flood, sure.

Here in the CG we have perfectly fine running water and perfectly fine running sewer. And it’s not as if the bathroom people would let something stew in their tank for a month; they LIVE ABOARD. They’re always present and could drain their tanks whenever.

It just goggles me. There’s one couple who shows up _at least_ eight times a day. I don’t want to think about it. What posesses these people? I’ve never seen the like in any other CG.

I’m sure there’s some perfectly fine imaginary explanation but I don’t think I want to know what it is. Maybe some things should remain life’s little mysteries.

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