Toad again

This zippy little thing is pretty cool. It has roughly the same HP and weight as my old VW Bug and the same wheelbase as my old Gremlin…as in it’s about as wide as it is long. It’ll swap ends in a heartbeat; ya gotta pay attention. Fun little beast.

I went off to town and got tars today. Y’know, them black rolly things. Didn’t get China bombs, didn’t get that chubby Michelin man that comes pre-cracked; got good ol’ ‘Murican Goodyears. Probably made in a non-Murican country. But you know what, we won’t live long enough to expire the warranty. Ain’t that a kicker.

And we got a new convertible top. I read that Chevy never published directions for removing the convertible top…which apparently wasn’t convertible…and in a rare moment of candor stated that if you removed the convertible top you’d never get it on again. I think “convertible” is supposed to mean something different, but…

I needed only the windows. The manufacturer said they only provided them as warranty items but I might get a dealer to order them. Three windows for $70 each. Or simply buy the back top with all three windows and the front top for $208.

That was an outrageously friggin bear to put on! They suggested I have a helper; I needed four helpers! But me and Mom finally got it on, tightly, correctly and straight. For some reason our happy hour drinks consisted of +1 vodka. Can’t imagine why. And our second and third. Mom’s cousin messaged her today to drink lots of fluids; if she only knew…

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