Limping along with Mr. Allison

Things didn’t exactly go swimmingly so we decided that we needed to go to an Allison shop and not just a truck shop; I reasoned that since the brain box came from W. W. Williams and we were closer to W. W. Williams in Montgomery that W. W. Williams in Atlanta especially considering the Atlanta traffic we would proceed to W. W. Williams in Montgomery. So I plotted our route there.

It appeared, according to the topo map, that we would encounter many hills, even some that were called mountains, on the direct route and with an ailing gearbox that didn’t look like a good way to go.

We toddled down to FDR SP south of LaGrange, Ga., and stayed the night. Actually we had a two-night reservation but getting Mr. Allison in good shape was a whole lot more important than sitting in a campground.

We launched for Montgomery this morning and had a relatively uneventful trip with Mr. Allison only once taking a dump and arrived at W. W. Williams just in time for lunch.

After lunch the tech came out and asked “Where’s you port?’  I replied, “Don’t have one.”

The tech said “I’ll find it.”  I said “Good luck, I’ll help you look.”

After a lot of rummaging around the tech said “They hid it too good. Let’s go for a ride.”   I believe there’s no port at all;  neither the chassis manual or the engine manual make mention of any sort of port. There is no port.

Mr. Allison huffed and puffed and blew up his back feathers and hunched and hissed and spat and took the tech for a ride and threw codes that don’t even exist.

The decision was “Park over by the fence; we’ll fix you in the morning.”

When I tried to back out to get over by the fence Mr. Allison had decided we didn’t deserve reverse gear either. But we made it through the neighboring business’ parking lot.

I think this tech’s going to fix it. I’ll post his accolades when he does.


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