Escape Velocity

It was rather interesting leaving Camp Parking Lot.

We got about five miles down I-85 and the Allison downgraded and locked into third gear. We sorta had a WTF moment and dealt with it, seeing that were on I-85 near Spaghetti Junction, and exited onto Best Friends Road. Seriously.

We went back to Peach Truck in third gear; the guys looked up the code as said it was “learning” and if it did it again we’d need to go down to Williams on the south side of Atlanta. Did I mention we were on the north side?

We drove around and around and decided to hit it and go. And the Allison crapped out several more times. We’d get out of the way and restart and all would be well until it happened again. Code 56-55, which is a “learning” code. So they say.

Allison, we’re not expecting you to do algebra. Simple sums would be sufficient.

We were near a truck and gear shop that actually rebuilds Allisons but the Commander said “proceed” so we did. And we didn’t have nary a problem.

We toddled on down to Little Tallapossa CG without any issues other than getting slightly misplaced. I hope that trend keeps on.

But we’ve reached escape velocity.

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