Escape Pod

After a couple of weeks we’ve gotten well snuggled into our private CG on the Cumberland Plateau; today we snagged the only relatively level spot (apparently for miles around) completely with electric that actually works.

Memorial Day Weekend was interesting. RVers jammed in, turned on their ACs and the power immediately went out.  And kept going out. We put the fridge on gas and didn’t care. This morning all those coffeemakers switched on and the power switched off, so we just laid there until someone pulled the breaker and I immediately jumped up and pushed the coffeemaker button. It only took a few minutes and success was ours!

Turns out our site row was only a 100A line…strung off another 100A line…as the new CG owner had just learned!

I heard a couple of other amusing stories from an old-timer. There’s a well pump down by the pond and another pump at the bathhouse and lodge; you have to have the well pump running before you turn on the bathhouse pump.

It seems that the previous owner (the CG was abandoned for five years) didn’t want to spend the bucks for actual plumbing so he just buried several hundred feet of _green garden hose_ to connect the pumps.

The old-timer also said that there are three septic tanks here but no one can find the third one.

Anyway, to get to the point,  we were sitting out enjoying our third or fourth adult beverage and the wonderful spring weather and, at the same time, we both started talking about selling the house in Florida and taking our show on the road. We’ve been out a month now and are doing just fine, not missing anything.

Probably not, though; where we are in Florida is fairly inexpensive, a gated community with real gates and a guard shack, and is the sort of place where we can go away six months, leave the doors unlocked and not worry about it. And it doesn’t get real cold. But I’ve come to think of it as a nice home base from which to go on expeditions and to store our stuff.

Unless we come across a nice recent-model Lazy Daze at a good price….

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