Chassahowitzka to Lake Como Resort

Finally arrived at Lake Como Resort in Land O’Lakes, Florida. It was home for about four years or so until we accidentally became fulltime RVers. I say accidentally because we went off on a monthlong trip and returned only to rent out the house.

We left Chassahowitzka in a cloud of no-see-ums with the air conditioner churning and headed down the Suncoast Parkway like geezers out on a Sunday drive…which is exactly who we are.

Next stop Wal-Mart.

It was so hot we had to leave the generator running to run the a/c so that cats wouldn’t get heat stroke. And Wal-Mart was absolutely amazing! Culture shock! The store was full of more people than the entire population of White County, Georgia! And they were all standing still blocking every aisle while all small children screamed!

I was so boggled I couldn’t pay enough attention to get what was on the list. Just couldn’t remember even one item. Took us two hours to get out of there!

Got to Como and found a suitable rv lot after a bit of finagling and it took me several hours to simply get things deployed and settle in; it was Wal-Mart itis! I even forgot to hook up Big Eye, the all-seeing satellite robot.


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