Planning or Lack There Of!

It’s now October 20th and our goal is to travel south no later than December 1st. You know, somewhere warm and sunny unlike the North Georgia mountains in the winter when everything is damp, cold, and dead! Yes, no life in anything. It’s not even far enough North to get a decent snow for Gods sake! Just  Mushy ground and empty branches everywhere!

Well, you can’t beat this place in the warmer months that is for sure! A beautiful cross between the very best warm days (not hot ones) South like in Florida! But, with a breeze to die for like you get up North in the Mountains! Saweet!

So here we are… Where to go, what to do, and where are the best restaurants south or west of Georgia’s border thats got to have good weather!

We have plan A and plan B for that! Now, can’t you just see us coming up with Plan C? lol’s

Plan A … Hit the South State line of Georgia and travel west as far as New Orleans, camp along the way, eat along the way, take tons of  pictures and experience a little warmth, no we are not kidding ourselves for sure! We know the coast can be mighty cold, breezy and even see some snow! Still, it can’t be as bad as North Georgia and elsewhere!

Plan B … When it gets to cold along the Coast, head East and South for Gods sake! Gotta be warmer there, right! Not really, we’ve seen frost in central Florida! So, should be head even further South?  Probably! Haven’t camped in the Everglades in years, bout time we go back huh? Might even stop in and visit Sasquatch!

Plan C … Still on the drawing board!

So, why “Planning or Lack There of”  We have so many plans, who knows which one if any we’ll execute! One things for certain, when it turns cold, we’re out here!

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