The Pig

Well, as you might have guessed we got volunteered to cook something.

Jan decided that since we had a Cuban Microwave we should cook the pig for The Grove’s Memorial Day blowout. Notwithstanding that we’d never cooked a whole pig in the Cuban Microwave; we simply said “Yes ma’am, we can do that.

And we proceeded to do so.

It went off like clockwork. I’m glad it wasn’t my clock.

Jan got the pig out of the cooler at zero-dark-thirty…but we didn’t know that. We found the pig out on the counter at 08:30 but we had no idea how long it had been out, so with some misgivings we proceeded. We crammed the pig in the box and lit up.

Throughout the day we reloaded the charcoal and we were technically done six hours later. I’ve heard that some said “they’ll never get it done in time.” ¬†Well, our pig loafed and rested the last two hours before service.

Chef helped me pull the pork and we served a bunch of people…gratis. They brought a huge amount of stuff for a tremendous potluck.

These are truly the Friends of The Grove. I hope we get to do it again next year.

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