• T-1

    We’re off our lot at LOR, parked in the back 40 and ready to head out tomorrow morning. The toad’s all hooked up.

    Of course today’s temperature has been hovering around 96F and since we’re parked in the sun the indoor temperature is around 89F complete with the air conditioner running full speed. So today I’ve been engaged in Texas’ state sport: sweating.

    I’m not about to say where we’re going. That hasn’t worked out too well. Just east.


  • T-8 my how time flies!

    Wow, a week from today we pull off our lot and park in the back 40 so we can do a system’s check and be ready to launch the next morning at day light!

    Here we are running out of to-do’s! The list has shrunk to nothing so we’ll spend our time shinning up things, rearranging stuff so it stays put better, you name it. Just as we predicted a year ago!

    We won’t put the mouth on it and tell ya exactly where we are headed as so far Hurricanes and flooding have arrived in those places before we even launched!

    So with that said, happy trails! Thanks for being our readers and fans for all these years! More to some….

  • Did I tell ya I hate Copperheads?

    Yesterday was crazy! We’ve sold all of the stuff we collected the last two years at the CG we are at. Table and 6 Chairs, Gas Grill, Bullet Smoker, Two 20 lbs Propane tanks, Golf Cart, etc. etc. etc.

    Cleared the deck and cleared the shed, except for one occupant! A 2 ft Copperhead all curled up in the corner as I swept debris out of the shed!

    So, I flip my broom handle downward and gave that M@th*r F@ck&r about a dozen whacks! When I was convinced he was stunned, I ran out and yelled for jbh! Did you hear my scream? Nope, says he heard a quack! Say what? Probably!

    No sooner than I realized I was face to face with a copperhead, I knew if I ran and screamed, I’d have to deal with this thing later and I was not about too! Did I tell ya I hate snakes?

    Once jbh came on the scene, he found a metal pole and began to whack some more! Eventually, the snake was dead!

    So, do I walk back inside that shed unarmed? Nope! I got my broom!