• T-?

    The best-laid plans and the best-planned lays…

    The plan was to roll out Saturday morning for Little Tallapoosa CG, but fate and puttin-the-mouth-on-it intervened. Unfortunately the Allison shifter controller computer thingie has gone Tango Uniform. Which means the first thing we have to do is to get it fixed.

    We have candidate shops which are a pain-in-the-ass distance away in pain-in-the-ass places, but what must be done must be done. Fortunately after the gizmo warms up enough to work, it works all day. We don’t think it’ll leave us on the roadside but we’re not saying that out loud.

    And of course no shops are open over the weekend so it’ll be a couple of days before we know what the plan is.


  • 2014 – 2016 Travel Agenda

    Our Trip Agenda Sept 2014- until Sept 2016

    Left the Grove on Sept. 23 to get the brain box fixed at Peach State Trucks in Norcross, Ga. left on the 27th of Sept.(4 days) Cleveland, Ga.

    Arrive Little Tallapoosa on (Friday 26th!) Saturday Sept. 27 North at Carrollton, Ga. leaving Sunday Sept 28 (pd visa) (2 days)

    Arrive FDR Sunday Sept 28, depart Thursday Oct 2 Pine Mountain, Ga. (left early stayed 1 day) Departed Wed. Sept. 29

    Arrived at W.W. Williams in Montgomery, Alabama for repairs on Sept 29th. Left Oct. 11

    Arrived at Capital RV Park, Montgomery, Al. Departed Oct. 12 Full hookup FREE Wi-Fi

    Arrive Bay Breeze RV Park Gulf Shores, Ala. Sunday Oct 12 change lots on Saturday, Oct 18 FREE WiFi Reservations
    by phone On Mobile Bay. Depart Oct 19. Full hookup

    Arrive at Blakeley State Park Spanish Fort, AL on Oct 19, Depart Tuesday Oct 21. Full hookup

    Arrive at Buccaneer State Park MS on Tuesday 21 depart Tuesday Oct 28. Full hookup

    Arrive at Fontainebleau State Park Mandaville, LA on Tuesday OCt 28. Departing on Sat. Nov 1.

    Arrive at Fairview Riverside State Park, Mandaville, LA on Sat. Nov. 1 departing Wednesday Nov. 5

    Arrive at LAKE END PARK, Morgan City, LA on Wednesday Nov. 5 depart Wednesday Nov. 12th $140 for a week # 41752

    Arrive at Myers Landing, Lake Arther LA. Nov. 12 depart Sat. 18. Free Wi-Fi

    Arrived at Lake Conroe RV Resort, Conroe, LA to camp overnight. Nov. 18 to Nov. 19, 2014

    Arrived at LOR Campground, Washington, TX. on Nov. 19th. 2014 until Sept. 2016.


  • T-13

    We’re so ready to launch we’re sitting around twiddling our thumbs.

    Vern pulled out Rose’s trailer today. The entire story is long and “As the Stomach Churns.”  Rose’s satellite dish was in the way and they just ran over it. Tried to pull it up and move it but finally hooked the post on the trailer on the way out and bent it, probably the bumper too.

    When we decided to move on for a while nothing had happened. Now it appears we’re seeing the beginning of the end. Sad.