• Chassahowitzka River Campground, My story… I’m stickin to it!


    My story and I am sticken to it!!!

    Sunday 15, Can’t get out of my camper for the muddy lot, so I jump out our the camper door and land in the dry earth just a few feet away, or so I though! Later… a few folks found some pallets so we could step on to that. Office closed. So, tomorrow is another day! They said, you can go to the office tomorrow to check in… NP, I can do that!

    Monday… I already said see if I check us in again! Found a bloody man lying in the street while onlookers waited for an ambulance! Bummed out for sure. Didn’t even know that one of them was the manager until after I gave up window shopping in the store and left. Saw her later walking  toward the office and had to ask! She gave me a better lot, so moving time! Glad I didn’t get to settled in!

    Tuesday… walked around and around and around the park to get my miles in! You know I like to walk!  Hmmm, maybe, just maybe I can settle in here! I got my chance to walk almost 5 miles! All around the park, down to the dock, then out to Jakes Bar and Grill! Man O Man, they really do have COLD draft beer! No booze allowed in the Park, wonder if they know about my liquor cabinet? Ooops, did I say that!

    Wednesday… I’m tired. Did nothing… Okay, I’ll be honest, I surfed the Internet, streamed tv, etc. etc. etc.

    Thursday… Laundry day, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth! Walked the park after dark and thought, wow! These folks really do have an evening cocktail by the fire! When no one can see them of course!

    Friday… Interesting, had a camper come in!  Tried every which way but loose to get in that damn spot! Some old man whom I think is Grandma’s boyfriend directed him in the weirdest way how to get his TT in there and it worked, who would have thunk it! Overall, this place is so quiet that when you finely do hear a loud sound, you kinda jump out of your skin!

    Saturday… It’s 7:05 am and suddenly… we are awaken with thundering sounds! Oh S@*t! I for one was not aware there was going to be this huge thunderstorm! John being the one who was a former captain of his own 31 footer, always watches the weather even today. He may no longer sail the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico, but he’s still very much aware of the weather. We both jump straight out of bed in a mad rush to look out some damn window! What is going on? Oh, just your local garbage man picking up the weekly trash! Geez…

    Sunday… to be continued…


  • See if I volunteer to check us in again…

    First of all, this is not a campground review in any way, just my thoughts and rantings!

    I started out my day yesterday doing my usual morning walk, plus needed to go to the campground office to check us in as we had arrived there too late and after office hours the night before.

    I knew I didn’t want to stay on the lot we were in as it was all mud. With decision in hand, I marched forward to the office. The office is about half a mile from our site. But, I was armed and ready to either get another lot that was drier, or, pay for last night and leave.

    Then, suddenly I see a bunch of folks way down at the end of the street all gathered up looking at something kinda twisted up in the middle of the road. Well, I knew it had to be much more than an animal. It looked like a person, but, all sort of curled up!

    As I approached, I suddenly realized it was a human being all curled up in such a manner,  they appeared almost twisted in a way.  I thought, Oh No!  I considered the 5 or 6 folks standing around the still, almost  lifeless body as onlookers! Curiosity seekers. Like cars lined up at a wreck all slowing traffic down!

    It turns out they were simply there to greet the ambulance once it arrived. By the time I got a little closer so they could here me, I yelled… “Is this something bad, I can turn around?” I for one, was not going to walk passed a person with such misfortune!

    Some man yelled and said, “No, it’s okay you can pass… he’s just fainted!” As I approached, it was obvious it was much more than that! He was laying there all contorted, blood running from his head and somewhere mid-section! Yet, I could swear I heard snoring! I sped up and got my self down to the docks as fast as I could and the little store by the pier!

    I made it down to the office, no one inside but a yelping little peep squeak!  So, as I settled down my nerves, I looked around the store, Not much there, but it was something to do while waiting for someone to walk in to the store and ask me how they could help me.

    I gave up and decided to just go back to the campsite, I’d take another walk to the store later on once my nerves settled!

    As I walked across the parking lot heading back to my camper, I saw an ambulance there with the man inside! Such relief! A lady walked  passed me and I ask her if she was the one I was suppose to see to check in with, she answered, “yes”. I wondered if she even saw me at first!

    Once inside, I told her I was the one on the muddy lot! Still cleaning the mud from my shoes as a matter of fact!  I told her I needed a dry lot, preferably with some grass on it. She said, “well, it appears that we are all booked up!” Well, I ask, can someone bring us some pine straw and dead leaves to spread over the lot? I was just desperate to fix the problem. I explained, the nice little Pallets some night worker was kind enough to loan us was only allowing us to get out the front door, the rest of the lot was just as bad and I’m going to be here a whole week!

    Suddenly, her attitude changed and she said, “oh, well I can put you on lot 8”  Would that work for you? Yea, well, duh!

    I got a fabulous lot! High ground, yeah! Lots of grass, shade, picnic table, fire pit and woods behind me!

    Looking back, I realized the old man was drunk and had simply passed out and had had a bad fall in the middle of the street! Apparently, he’d done this before and they thought nothing of it! Just a routine. Such a routine, they seem to almost not care! Dead or alive, they’d do the right thing and watch over him until help arrived. It was a harrowing start to my almost perfect day…

    I feel as if I should somehow find some humor in this story, if and when  I do, you’ll be the first to know!


  • Myron B Hodge City Park, Sopchoppy, FL

    Myron B. Hodge city park is a nice little campground on the south side of Sopchoppy on the Sopchoppy River. It features 26 RV sites, about 10 of which are FHU, and many tent sites, a boat ramp, restrooms/showers, a pavilion and a nature trail.


    The camping area is a big square field; the FHU sites are on the east side along the fence on the street while the W/E sites are on the opposite side along the river under some trees.  A few tent shelters are also on that side. The FHU sites can accomodate the biggest of rigs as long as you can get lined up and back in; there are a few trees in the field but plenty of room to manuever. All the sites could be felt to be a bit close together with no screening shrubbery during the busy season but when we were there in November there was only two other campers for a couple of days, then only one.

    Gazebo by the river!

    Gazebo by the river!

    There is no traffic along the street, hardly any noise.

    Plenty of room on each lot!

    Plenty of room on each lot!

    A couple of historic building are on display and a boardwalk winds along the river across the swamp.

    Old School House, etc.

    Old School House, etc.

    All this for $15 per night as long as you want to stay. You can call the camp caretaker at 850-962-5486 but be aware that he can’t make any outgoing long-distance calls. Turn right on Summer Street of US 319 just heading south out of Sopchoppy, then turn left at the end of the street and watch for the sign on the right.

    Old Cabin

    Old Cabin

    Rest area while walking the trail!

    Rest area while walking the trail!


    Trail on the river!

    Trail on the river!

    Myron B. Hodge City Park
    220 Park Avenue
    Sopchoppy, Fla.