• Plumbers


    I just put a humorous post about the Grove’s pool and the installation of a solar system on FB. My intent was to explain why the pool was 1/3 low, why there’s water and mud in the pool shack etc.

    I write humor. I no longer write straight news, and I’ve learned that if I get on my high horse I pay for my own legal defense no matter how right I am according to the US constitution. That’s another story. It was either that or shoot ’em.

    But that’s totally beside the point. When I wrote about the guy who blew up his black tank he only corrected a minor technical issue. And it doesn’t matter if the pipe the jackleg plumbers broke was 76 cents, $76 or $76,000, the funny part is that they stepped on it two days in a row.

    So why in the hell ¬†does one get their knickers in a twist about an obvious gag post? It’s painfully obviously not serious; there’s no friggin way anyone could take it as serious.

    Geez. I pine for the days of  letters to the editor.