• F. D. Roosevelt State Park – Ga.

    F.D. Roosevelt State Park is a very large park centered on Pine Mountain in west central Georgia on US 27. It has 140 developed level campsites, two lakes, cabins and lots of trails.
    We arrived on a Thursday in early May and it was virtually empty, but when we left on Saturday it was packed. It’s very popular with families with popups or tents, lots of children and lots of dogs, so if you want tranqulity go on weekdays.
    The little town of Pine Mountain is just a couple of miles from the back gate and has a grocery store, gas and several small restaurants.

    Here we are snuggled up to the creek running alongside Loop 2.

    The creek runs down toward Lake Delano.

    Lake Delano.

  • Kolomoki Mounds State Park – Ga.

    Kolomoki Mounds State Park in southwest Georgia surrounds an ancient Indian mound complex and has two lakes and 24 RV sites. The sites are level and shaded, and most offer a great view of Kolomoki Lake. The park office/museum houses an excavated burial mound and you can climb to the top of the 57-foot-tall temple mound.
    The park was practically empty during our stay in early May.

    Kolomoki Mounds SP site #7

    Kolomoki Lake

    Purple Martins nest in these gourds; we used to call then Gourd Martins. Martins eat lots of bugs, especially mosquitos, and you’ll see gourds on poles and wires throughout the southeast.

    This is part of the excavated burial mound.

    The “temple mound.” ┬áIt’s thought that the chief and his wives and families lived atop the mound.

  • Day 14 through 19 summer in our motorhome

    Wednesday May 12, 2010 through May 17!

    Wow, we’re on central time and there’s some adjusting there to another time zone. We just went through that in Florida not so long ago when we switched to eastern time, and now back to central in only a few weeks. Lol’s

    The weather is great today! In the lower 80’s which is a nice change from upper 90’s that we are so used too! We’re doing great living in the motorhome and it wasn’t as bad as I originally thought. I had so many questions about will we go stir crazy in a small 27 foot motorhome? How will we handle living with fat cat in such a small space? Will I get homesick? Will we run out of supplies often and have to unhook everything?

    Now I understand why I have been known to be a worry wart! LoL’s A 27 foot motorhome Class-C is plenty of room! Besides, who wants to spend their days indoors anyway with all the adventures out there! Our cat Tigger, sometimes referred to as fat cat has adjusted as well as we have to having him with us! As a matter of fact, he spends most of his time looking out windows for birds! As far as getting homesick, haven’t once thought of home since I left other than how much I’m enjoying my new summer vacation in our motorhome. Supplies! Well, we stocked every crack and crevice with just about anything you can imagine and it’s all looking good so far!

    For entertainment, we have TV, DVD’s, Satelite radio, and Wi-Fi!

    Well, It’s been a great week! Lots of walking in nature trails, photographing nature, wild life, listening to nature, dodging rainstorms and keeping out of touch with the outside world other than email and blogging, lol’s Since we’re staying put for the summer at this camp spot, lots of exciting plans coming up! Exploring historical sites in TN and blogging about them! We hope to make some wonderful recommendations for you, our blog reader when you plan your next trip!

    Meanwhile, if you are wondering what it must feel like to be traveling like we are, it like you are an explorer back in the early days. We’re pioneers in a way! Just pretending our motorhome is a covered wagon not really knowing where we’ll end up at. But, wherever Miss Lueffie takes us, it’s bound to be a wonderful adventure!

    Everyone have a great one!