Our kitchen b4 and after

Below is a pic of our RV kitchen when we first bought it last year. The next one is after the recent changes. The old 1988 Yellowstone Class C’s had a very dull color combination on the wooden cabinets and walls, that will soon change. With a few brighter colors, it already looks better. I removed the box frame from the top of the window and shades and replaced it with a simple white and lace small curtain. It already looks brighter, modern and more spacious. We will be replacing all the old dull yellow light fixtures above the sink and on the ceilings with new brighter white LED lights and repainting the ceilings white.

The bedroom and living room have already had the old box frames removed from the tops of each window, and shades. Replacing that with a simple curtain rod that is flush with the walls, the room already looks and feels larger. Brighter and more like home with matching curtains throughout. The bar area has a hide away table, when placed back inside the bar, new set covers and drapes, a little paint and wow!

The overhead is now used for storage, we just took out the bed up there which was nothing more than a 4 in sponge mattress, and reinforced the floor below the bed so it’s much stronger now and we’ll use that area as storage! We thought about putting a TV up there like the new RV’s but we needed storage space more. Besides, using a flat screen TV, you save space on the counter. Next big job is to repair the bed because now we know why it sags in the middle! It has a 1/4 in plywood under there! We discovered the boards supporting the bed were thin and simply snapped! Here I was thinking we were going to have to replace a 23 year old mattress… LoL’s We’ll just repair the boards and add that new 4in. memory foam mattress on top of the old one and wow, it’s sure gonna sleep good then. Finally…

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