• Dominos Delivers!

    Have you ever been out camping and started to crave pizza? Well, it’s hard to make a pizza in a camper! The freezers are usually to small to hold any size other than a small one, ovens to small for the large one that I was craving, no room to make one by scratch, so you simply just crave…

    Most Pizza joints won’t deliver to a State Park. Why? most of them are in bfe!

    But, wait! We’re camping in Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine Florida so just maybe… Anyway, we tried for over two hours to call a local pizza joint just 2 miles from the camp and kept getting this message, number can not be reached at this time, please try again later. Well, when you are in a Class C, you don’t want to unhook everything just to run to town for a pizza!

    Well, I’m hungry and I want pizza! We grabbed for the second cell phone (has a different carrier) to dial out thinking maybe we were in a roaming area and no such luck, same message! It didn’t even dawn on us that it just might be the pizza guys ┬ánumber is bad, out of business or something. You know how it is, when you crave pizza, nothing else will taste good. Not even that hamburger I thawed out while trying to call this number that wouldn’t work!

    Luckily, our Virgin Mobile air card works so John gets on the Internet, gets domino’s phone number, called them, it worked! They answered. He gave me the phone. Now, I’m 3 hours into wanting my pizza! So, I guess I got a little carried away. I ordered ever topping they had to offer barring anchovies!

    That may have been an expensive pizza, but we got it in 35 minutes and my pizza craving was satisfied, it was worth every dime it cost All $23.95 for a large!