• Mokey’s Holler

    OK we’ve been loud tonight. Loud as in “if you don’t like it see us tommorrow.”  No one here would utter a peep.

    But a tune by John Mayall came on the stereo and I swear he was singing about Mokey’s Holler, and Mokey backs me up.

    Just another data point.

  • Camp Parking Lot yet again

    We just spent a couple of nights in Camp Parking Lot. Fun fun!

    We went down to the shop to get the jack motor and pump replaced; after 21 years they’d given up the ghost. But on the way we stopped to get a bite at Crossroads Bar and Grille in Flowery Branch (great!) and to shop at Publix. We got loaded up from Publix and wanted to go around the back roads to Home Town Spirits but Mom said “The steps didn’t go up!”

    Good catch Mom!

    So I squiggled and wiggled on the hot tarmac for a while, then since Mom was telling me what to do I invited her to come take a look. That might seem snarky but it’s not; Mom’s really mechanically astute and I hoped she’s see something I didn’t but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. So we used some bungee cords to hold the steps up like the hillbilly crackers we are and we proceeded.

    Note that all this started with replacing a shade.

    Anyway, Zebedee and Matt got the jack gear in, modifying as necessary (a lot) and the jacks go up and down. Actually with the new pump and motor I think it’s working better than new. And then they tackled the newly-broken steps on the second day. Wham-bam about an hour and we’re ready.

    Southland Motorhome and RV, Buford GA. Extremely highly recommended. Good guys.


  • I love holiday weekends

    On  a normal weekend in the field…er…”Mountain Laurel” here at the Grove there’s only us and two other campers. Peaceful, quiet, and you can hear the brook babble.

    Memorial Day weekend 2014; all 15 spots are filled. Tenters are trying to plug into 50A outlets and RVers are trying to plug into 15A outlets. We have tiny tents in FHU RV sites and a Class C halfway up the hillside. Across the creek is a zoo; it’s a full house.

    It’s great to see the Grove come back.

    The power situation is interesting. I’m not sure who’s plugged into who but it’s probably incestuous. We finally gave up on running the AC and convection oven on shore power and fired up the generator. It’s nice to not worry about burning up those motors.

    Two more holiday weekends to go this summer…