• Miss Lueffie, our old RV takes a ferry boat ride 9 years ago!

  • Our Own YouTube Channel

    Announcing our own YouTube Channel coming soon! Stay tuned. Keep checking back for the latest updates. 2021 has a lot of new changes, not just a channel of our own but a drone to bring you more than just photographs of our journey!

  • The Fuckup Fairy squats on us!

    It started oh-so-innocently this morning when I did my daily walkaround to see what was leaking and what fell off. I discovered that a critter, probably of the feline persuasion, had knocked over a bottle of cooking oil and apparently had gnawed at the cap so much  that it leaked. As in forty-eight ounces of cooking oil leaked onto the concrete patio and _under_ out patio carpet.

    I tried hosing that off, but shortly discovered that the water heater didn’t ignite. No fire, no burp, no light, no nothing. I’ve been here before; the culprit is a heat fuze that just blows when it pleases. The purpose is to prevent a fire from continuing.

    I was sure I had a spare, but turned out I had replaced one in our trailer in 2012 and I’d used the spare to replace the fuze in this bus in 2014. So I didn’t have a spare.

    A fuze couldn’t be obtained here until after we were gone. Fortunately the water heater will work on electric providing someone remembers that  you can’t run the water heater, the fridge, the air conditioner and the oven or coffee maker all at the same time. If we’re plugged into 30A we’ll just pop the breaker but if we’re plugged into 50A we’ll probably melt the plug. That’s not good.

    So we decided that since we wouldn’t be paying for electricity again until October we could repair the water heater in a couple of months when we could again receive Amazon.

    Then it was time to make the Wally World trip. Since we’re leaving next Wednesday and we were low on food, we decided to proceed today and stock up for the week and our travel days.

    We were most of the way back to the ranch when we felt that the toad a/c wasn’t cooling and all of a sudden got a spray of coolant across the windshield. Since the temp guage never got entirely into the red we limped slowly back to the CG. Mom pointed out an enormous crack across the plastic top of the radiator. Coach-Net will tow it to town and Bushnell Tire will fix it.

    The concern is that it’ll arrive Thursday, they’re closed on Saturday and Sunday and this Monday holiday weekend. And we’re leaving on Wednesday. I’ll drag the damned thing to Montgomery in pieces if I have to.

    And the fuckup fairy is giggling.