• Crash!

    Not that kind, fortunately.

    We’ve been a little lax posting recently; our net connection has been really spotty despite the best efforts of Mr. Sprint and Mr. Cradlepoint. Signal strength isn’t even on the scale. Cellphone service has been evern worse; we have to climb the mountain to holler “can you hear me now?”

    Did you ever notice that wherever you really want to be has no signal?

    Cousin Nick hauled our Jayco TT down to the Grove from Tennessee last weekend and we’ve moved most of our stuff from Miss Lueffie into the Jayco, which is our home base. It’s amazing how much stuff we’d stuffed into her; we were really heavy coming up here. We have enough beans to fuel a space shuttle.

    Anyway, back to the crash.

    Mom yanked the door off the refrigerator. She must’ve been really thirsty. This is something I’m not going to let her forget.

    Actually it wasn’t her fault; it was bad design. The top hinge pin/screw goes _upward_ and any moron knows that if a screw g0es upward and it comes unscrewed it _falls out_! ┬áThe top hinge screw fell out, ┬áthe door fell forward and torqued the cheap-ass aluminum bottom hinge fitting and broke it off.

    Fortunately, Mom caught the door so it didn’t fall on her feet. She then proceeded to set it down on her foor, but that’s Mom…

    Thanks to the good people at PPL Motorhomes we had a new bottom hinge in a couple of days. Today I drilled out the hinges and put stainless cap screws, washers and lock nuts in them. Now even if the nuts unscrew the screws can’t fall out and the door can’t fall off. It’s ain’t purty but it should’ve been done that way to begin with.