• Cherry Pocket Steak & Seafood Shak/Campground and more!

    Our Florida stay is at…
    Cherry Pocket
    3100 Canal Road
    Lake Wales, FL 33898
    ph: 863-439-2031


    Limited spots to camp at but, if you’re lucky enough to book a lot, you won’t regret it for sure! You’ll have to visit their website, take a look at their menu, read the history of this great place. It’s not fancy and wasn’t meant to be. Makes you feel like some old fishing camp way back when in Key West got somehow transported to this place. If this photo of my favorite sunset doesn’t temp you to visit, maybe their menu will! Enjoy…

  • Did you know state parks suck when it comes to Internet and Dish Network!

    Well, guess that title got your attentions didn’t it? Actually, I stand corrected! Our Dish Network was awesome… Cell not so lucky but who cares! Just settled in at our new camp site, in Florida, not in a State Park! lol’s

    Until next time…

  • Launch day has arrived!

    Well, now that it is launch day, a new routine has been added to our To Do list! Miss Lueffie is pimped with a TailGater by DishNetwork which must be unhooked and tucked away in it’s special compartment before driving off of the camp site. Now, we can have TV on the go! This thing is great. It searches for a signal for you and all you have to do is point it south! Heck, we’re headin south! woohoo