• Sometimes we just stop blogging…. life gets in the way!

    We may have lost a few fans, who knows? But, we settle in sometimes at a nice place and just live on! Thank you to all that have followed us over the years!

  • Places we’ve traveled to and stayed Fall 2016 through all of 2017!

    We’ve covered a lot of ground in our Coach since Sept 20th 2016 after two years spent in TX, we were ready! We’ve stayed from over night to a month and in some places two months if it was affordable! This is just to catch everyone up to date:

    Texas – Left TX as was glad to do so! lol’s

    Louisiana – Riverview RV Park Vidalia LA.

    Mississippi – Passing through….

    Alabama – Service Corp. of Engineers Coffeeville, AL on the Tom Bigbee River

    Florida – Florida Caverns State Park, Marianna, FL., Hodge Park, Sopchoppy, FL., Holiday Campground, Panacea, FL., Withlacoochee Backwaters, Dunnellon, FL., Wynn Haven RV Park, Floral City, FL., Thousandtrails Orlando, Clermont FL., Le Lynn RV Park, Polk City, FL., Three Flags Thousandtrails, Wildwood, FL., Welaka Lodge and RV Resort, Welaka, FL., ┬áLoved it so much, we’re back again at Three Flags RV Resort, Wildwood, FL.,Old Town Campground,Old Town, FL., Old Town Campground, Old Town, FL., East Bank Corp of Engineers, technically in GA> but address is Chattahoochee, FL. (For the Winter)

    Alabama – Gunter Hill Corp of Engineers, Montgomery,AL. 5/5/17.

    Mississippi – Dewayne Hayes Corps of Engineers, Columbus, MS. 5/19, Tom Bigby State Park, Tupelo, MS 5/26

    Tennessee – Little Eagle Campground, By Paris Landing. On Ky Lake. 5/29

    Kentucky – Cave Creek, Corps of Engineers Close to Falls of Rough, 5/30

    Indiana – Indiana State Park Hwy 62, Charlestown, IN 6/2

    Kentucky – Levi Jackson State Park, London, Ky 6/14

    Tennessee – Over Nighter RV Park, Athens TN 6/21 (not confirmed)

    Georgia – Whitetail Corps of Engineers RV Park, LeGrange, GA on 6/22, Hamburg State Park 6/30, Big Hart Corps of Engineers, Thompson GA. 7/3

    South Carolina – (Spend Summer here and in North Carolina)

    Georgia –

    Florida – ┬áThis takes us back to Florida for the Winter of 2017/18!


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