• With the best of intentions!

    Have you ever started out with a great idea? Your plans are good, feasible, and can be accomplished with minimal effort and cost? We wanted to bring our Green Egg smoker with us while on the road, so we hauled it out of storage, (it had been there for 9 months while we traveled last year) I still can’t believe we went so long without firing up the smoker! So, anyway, we carefully placed it on our new cargo hauler and we were on our way! Once you’ve eaten food from the Green Egg, you’ll understand why we wanted to travel with our Egg!

    Click Here for information on the BIG Green Egg! 

    Large Green Egg with shelves!

    Well, back to the story. Who would have thought hitting a railroad track would cause as much damage as it did. But, apparently we had rust on the inside of the bumper and the constant bouncing on the road, pot holes, and railroad tracks, we ended up with severe cracking in the metal beams that the hitch is attached tool! Luckily no damage to the Egg! By now, we had driven to far to turn back. So, we just disassembled the hauler, put the Egg on it’s side and placed it under the table in the camper! It’s really not that bad to have a Green Egg smoker at your feet!