• T-13

    We’re so ready to launch we’re sitting around twiddling our thumbs.

    Vern pulled out Rose’s trailer today. The entire story is long and “As the Stomach Churns.” ┬áRose’s satellite dish was in the way and they just ran over it. Tried to pull it up and move it but finally hooked the post on the trailer on the way out and bent it, probably the bumper too.

    When we decided to move on for a while nothing had happened. Now it appears we’re seeing the beginning of the end. Sad.


  • To the fans we may have let down…., no more!

    Yeah, I know… We took the summer and settled in! For those who wait until the Winter to hear from us, we will be on the road for at least a year! Yes, you heard it right! So, your Feed should remind you every few days we are blogging about some damn thing!

    The Mrs

  • T-19

    Launching in 19 days!

    Today brought another fun day at Dalton Automotive in Cleveland, Ga., to get the oil changed. Dalton’s is basically a car shop but he’ll squeeze in motorhome maintenance when possible; the guys are good and fairly inexpensive.

    The whole process took around three hours plus we went across the street and stuffed our faces while waiting.