Twiddling our thumbs!

Here we are twiddling our thumbs again! Things are packed for the trip back to Florida, and we’re just waiting for Monday November 29 for traveling to our next destination. Our first stop is John Tanner State Park in West Georgia. Now that the cold weather is starting to settle in on the mountains of Tennessee, I am itchin to head south! lol’s

I’d absolutely love to spend the winter in Tennessee, but not this year! We’re not ready and I miss the sunshine, palm tree’s and beaches of Florida. I’ve been away from the states that snow for over 30 years, I adapted well and am excited about returning next year for sure.

There will be many more posts starting Monday the 29th to Friday December 3rd as we blog about our travel back home. We’ll describe each park and how our stay went. Helpful hints on the routes to take, etc. Until Monday, hugs to all!

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