T-70 or so

Long time no type at.

We’re planning on rolling in early September. We tell everyone we’re going to Louisiana for hurricane season and that’s essentially true. But we expect to bug out if needed. We’re Floridiots but we know about hurricanes.

Today’s jaunt was to go up to Bryan to get an alignment at Wingfoot. Wingfoot is the truck equivlant of Goodyear.

I called ’em yesterday and said we’d see them in the ‘moanin. So we got up and Harold had his Bullet ‘Stang parked where we needed to pull out. I banged on the door. I banged on the door again. Again. And yet again.

Harold appeared blinking at around 10:30; I said no real hurry. But he pulled it out.

So we pulled out and motored out to Wingfoot. The sign said “Exit Closed” so I put up with Bitchin’ Betty for a few miles; we’d missed a waypoint. The gps wants to do this, that and the other but my ass in the seat sets the course.

The diagnosis was that Louisiana blew the toe out a little. Fortunately nothing was bent. The important part was the she doesn’t dive for the weeds all the time.

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