The F-up Fairy Visits Us Again

May 26 – Underwater Texas

On a rainless forecast in comparison to the Biblical floods we’ve been having (that was last night) the plan was to caulk a few seams and do a rotisserie chicken. Of course that was too easy.

The biggie storms passed overnight with tornados and up to eleven inches of rain down by Houston. That’s more rain than a hurricane. So I was astounded to wake up to thunder this morning. Odd, I couldn’t see any lightning but I could hear thunder.
I didn’t think much of it until I mentioned it this evening and Mom informed me that it wasn’t thunder, it was Smokey the cat bouncing around. He’s big, but geez…

Progressing through the day, I taped up various seams and applied Sikaflex goop. Then things went sideways.

Mom said that last time we gooped we let it cure a half-hour or so and peeled the tape off. Mom also said that she wanted a smart phone.

I like my dumb phone. My phone’s so dumb it doesn’t even have sense enough to ring. I like that. But Mom was being a bit obstinate, and we all know the way to peace and happiness.

So I found a smart phone and a plan on and all went swimmingly until it barfed on my credit card. I think the problem is that the website accepts only one address and we have two, a mailing address and a shipping address.

So we do the obvious thing and contact support; support gave us a phone number. Mom called the phone number and it demanded a Verizon wireless number and when she couldn’t give one, it hung up. We tried Contact Us and it returned a 404!

This is the future of communication!

So we need to go 20 miles to a Verizon stix-n-brix to buy a Verizon communication device because the Verizon Wireless website cannot communicate…..

And after all this, futzing around too long, much of the goop had skinned over and when I pulled the tape off the goop came off too. So much for nice and tidy.

The chicken went on a couple of hours late. We’ll see.

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