A little kitten, about eight weeks or so old, has been hanging around. Because he’d appear and disappear instantly I named him Zip.

Last night we had a crowd on the deck and Zip appeared and did his thing, zipping underfoot snagging food. Then ran off under Nick’s truck while simultaneously ¬†reappearing under our feet.

This was a bit too much for us inebriated types to comprehend, so it took a while.

A little later we saw two darker-than-midnight Zips eating from the same plate. Well, some of us saw four Zips, but it was readily apparent that there was more than one Zip!

So _that’s_ how Zip did it, disappearing and instantly reappearing in a differerent place!

These mountain critters are playing tricks on me.

Mister Tigger remains unimpressed.

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