Beat it!

We got a new super-spiffy foldable bike rack to fit the bikes we don’t yet have. One problem; it has a rise that hangs up on our bumper.

Problem solver that I am, I ordered up a receiver extension from Amazon. Unfortunately the raised end hangs up on our bumper.

Today I went to two Walmarts, a Home Depot, a Lowe’s, Pep Boys, Advance Auto Parts, Ace Hardware, a truck accessories shop and an RV shop. No longer extension to be had.

Since the rental car was due back an hour ago I had to give up.

But I don’t give up for long! A bit of judicious prying and tugging and percussion adjustment and Bob’s yer Uncle it was in. I somehow didn’t crack the 21-year-old fiberglass bumper ¬†and if we ever want to get it out we’ll have to chain it to a tree and drive away, but the bike rack is INSTALLED thank you very much.


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