In installment two of the Traeger cooker series, we install a digi-controller and use GrillGrates for the first time.

Installation of the controller panel was easy and straightforward although the installation illustrations could be about 500% bigger. If you buy locally and your dealer will install the digital controller for a minimal fee, go for it. Contrary to my reputation, I’m actually fairly handy with mechanics and electrics; I just _couldn’t see_ the hole in the upper left corner.

So…testing. The stock controller has three speeds: smoke, medium and high. This thing has selectable settings every 25F. Smoke turned out to be 215F, then it can be turned _down_ to 180F and then upwards.

One thing I’ve learned is to light up and let it get settled in at the Smoke setting, then set it where I want it. I tested 250F and 350F and accuracy and consistency was within reason.

Mr. FedEx smile upon me and delivered GrillGrates. GrillGrates are a modular anodized-aluminum set of grate that will fit most any grill and promise great grill marks, less flareups etc.

Wow, GrillGrates deliver! First of all, the digi-controller allows around 25F to 50F higher temperature but that isn’t enough to make any difference, but since aluminum is such a great heat conductor the GrillGrates produced a sear close to an ordinary grill; this test has shown that there’s no point to carrying along an ordinary grill.



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