Mr. Z’s RV Park, Gilbert, SC

We intentionally passed through Batesburg-Leesville on US-178 but quickly discovered that the choices of campgrounds was very slim. Southeast of town there’s a nudist park outside of Pelion which would be fine except that it’s too cold now in late March to run around nekkid and there’s no point to paying double the price if we couldn’t. Then there’s a church camp but us sinners probably wouldn’t be welcome and there’s a CG around a pond but when we rode by it looked like the Clampetts met the Duck Dunderheads.



Up way northeast of town there’s a place the purports to be a Barnyard in a flea market and way up northwest there’s lots of CGs around Lake Murray but that’s all way off track.

So on a guess and a spy-eye from Google Earth we chose Mr. Z’s RV Park, which is about two-thirds of the way from Leesville to Lexington. The fact that it’s a PA park doens’t hurt.

It turned out to be a good choice. The owners live in  a house out by the highway and their big back yard is a 12-site FHU CG. There’s plenty of room for big and wide rigs, enough pine trees to give some shade but not interfere too much with satellite TV, a nice little laundry and a pool. The free wifi actually works most of the time. No showerhouse, though, so you’ll have to be self-contained.

Mr. Z’s RV Park
3343 Augusta Hwy
Gilbert, SC 29054
(803) 206-8928

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