And a REALLY fun day at Camp Parking Lot!

Today was a doozy!

We came over to Cummins Power South in Tampa to have some engine work done, part maintenance and part repair. None a big deal and we’ve been running this way since we got The Barge, but  not right is not right. Not being big fans of having to appear at the Cummins shop at zero-dark-thirty we took advantage of their Coach Care program and squatted here yesterday evening, plugged into their electricity and enjoyed their internet.

But they still rousted us out of The Barge at 0730. No customers are permitted to be in the shop during work hours.

So we sat in the waiting room. And sat in the waiting room. Then we walked down the street to Denny’s and had the famous “Carb Slam” and “Potato Skillet.”  We waddled back to the waiting room and, well, waited. The Cummins guys were pretty good; just when we were about to explode someone would give us a progress report.

That last progress report was a bummer. They needed a part, the temperature sensor. They didn’t have one. They couldn’t find one in the entire City of Tampa. The closest one was in Daytona so we said, “Yes, please, get that thing here first thing in the morning so we can get out of Camp Parking Lot.”

A temperture sensor. A very common part. They go for $20-$30. But not for a 20-year-old engine.

To be continued…

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