Polk City to Ochopee

We boogied on south from Polk City on the Polk Parkway. It’s a toll road and there was no traffic at all. It’s amazing to think that someone would go through incredible traffic to save $1.25. Idiots and good for them; leave the road for me. We got off toward Bartow and had a couple of stops, the grocery store and THE LIQUOR STORE. Notice the level of importance.

Out of Bartow, fortified by Burger King, the grocery store and THE LIQUOR STORE!

We got to Zolfo Springs where we were tentatively staying the night at Pioneer Park. Pioneer Park appeared ok for  a night or two but since it was only 2 in the aftermoon we really needed to push on.

So we go down US 98..and down US 98..and keep going. Eventually we get to SR 29 where we can turn right..and go..and go..

It’s amazing  how long these roads in south Florida are. On the map it’s just a little ways while in fact it’s endless..endless..

Eventually, endlessly, we arrive at Tamiami Trail and turned east, passing the Ochopee post office and arriving at the Skunk Ape place. And that’s another story.

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