Day 2 summer in our motorhome

Well, obviously we survived the night with fat cat traveling in the motorhome with us. At least now he knows why we used to fill up his bowls with plenty of crunchies and water, then disappear for the weekend! Now that we are traveling for much of the summer, we’ve included him in our plans and this should prove to be most interesting. After all, living in a motorhome for months is new to all of us, so, it should be very entertaining!

I woke up in the morning to find tiny little pieces of kitty litter strewn about, so I guess he found his private time in his brand new potty. What a way to start out the day! I promise the readers of this blog that I won’t go on and on about fat cat. But, until something more interesting happens, this is what you get. There he lay fast asleep early in the morning. That is after he made a dozen or so trips to our bed during the night trying to tell us something!

The first night was interesting to say the least. Fat cat walked all over us in the bed, pouncing, reminded me of my children when they were toddlers. The evidence of fat cats explorations are everywhere. From over-turned cushions to foot prints on my laptop! Now that I’m wide awake, he’s tuckered out! I guess the fierce jungle cat was on the prowl for most of the night.

It was a beautiful morning, the air was fresh and the Florida breeze was great! The birds were chirping and the squirrels were checking out our motorhome. It’s probably the first time they’ve seen one with bumper stickers of Dizzy Pig and Bonerama! That, my reader friends, is another story!

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