It’s about T-36 until we launch. Well, T-35:40 to be exact.

On the last day we just have to cram as much frozen food into the freezer as it’ll hold and cram as much defrosting food into the fridge as it’ll hold, then on Thursday morning we just have to cram our fat butts aboard and light the candle.

It’s been spooky…thanks largely to DW’s efforts there hasn’t been that much to do. So between spasms of Eternabonding and POR-15 painting we’ve just been taking a bag or two of stuff and putting it away. We’ve been sitting here piddling around on the World Wide Waste of  Time thinking that there’s _something_ we should be doing…and there’s not. All’s proceeding according to plan.

Maybe that’s what’s spooky.  We’ll probably encounter a boobquake or something.

Speaking of Eternabond, that’s some voodoo stuff. We sealed the cabover a day before getting four inches of rain with 50kt gusts…and the cabover is no longer leaking. That it’s a mass of Eternabond and 3M 5200 is beside the point. Water is no longer going in and coming back out. And yes, I’ve thought of installing a bilge pump up there.

Packing…neither of us are clothes-horses. Shorts and T-shirts and we’re good to go. Beryl Smeeton said “If we have to go somewhere dress-up we simply won’t go.”

As some of you may have guessed by now, we do like to imbibe a little and there’s not a whole lot of stowage space in Miss Lueffie. So we have wine in the basement, wine under the fridge, wine beside the furnace, wine beside the water heater…well, you get the picture. That we won’t be able to find it when we want it will just make life more interesting.

Since the tag is Random Thoughts I can be random, right?

There’s a TT around back of our park and the owner has a 25-pound Danforth anchor on a chain stretched out towards the street. I haven’t asked yet and I’m not sure I want to. Besides, I’d use a CQR, and we don’t want to get into that debate do we.

T-35:20 now.

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