• More improvements for Miss Lueffie!

    Ok, here we go! A brand new 4in memory foam mattress to compliment the pre-existing tired one! A magazine rack in the bathroom, of course. A Honda 2000 generator, woohoo! A complete set of RV throw rugs that won’t slip and slide on the carpet, finally. Lots of little gizmos’s too! See, I knew we’d go overboard at Camping World! That place has everything you can think of or imagine for comfort and ease while traveling on the road. These new changes were brought about from the last time we traveled for over 7 months and newbies we were. But, we learned a lot on how to make things better for the time we spend on the road. Now that Miss Lueffie is sort of independent, we can camp just about anywhere. Most importantly, it’s about having a plan B! You just never know what you may end up needing or wish you didn’t bring along until you’ve been there, done that. I can certainly understand the old saying, it’s not about the destination. it’s about the journey. That’s what full timing it is all about. Until next time…

  • Now that I have apologized!

    I visited Miss Lueffie in storage and apologized! Then I proceeded to pimp her up. That always makes a woman feel good, I would know. She now has brand new curtains that are real spiffy! Beautiful curtain rods and her seats are getting brand new covers on them! Matching curtains in the loft and the bedroom. Nice kitchen curtains that really spiff up that small window. Carpet has been shampooed. It’s a real makeover for Miss Lueffie. Next on the list, a brand new furnace which will come in mighty handy traveling up north in March! She really looks modern for her age.

    Photo’s coming soon!

  • How could you!

    We were looking at new RV’s on the Internet, and I made the awful suggestion, “honey, why don’t we buy a new one” What! how could you? he said. “Put Miss Lueffie out to pasture?” You know, I think he meant it! LoL’s But, I only suggested it because Miss Lueffie is getting old and tired and the new ones have vinyl wallpaper, built in tv’s, more walk space, etc. Now here I am having to apologize to Miss Lueffie because he says they have a way of knowing these things! OMG! Miss Lueffie is a real person now… she’s earned it.